Acura Parts Centre in Vaughan, ON


As a top New & Used car dealer in the Greater Toronto Area, Maple Acura's parts department maintains a comprehensive inventory of Acura parts and accessories. Located at 111 Auto Vaughan Drive, Maple Ontario (City of Vaughan), Maple Acura takes pride in its knowledgeable and dedicated parts team.

If visiting Maple Acura in person doesn't fit your busy schedule, just complete our online parts order form and an Acura auto parts specialist will contact you ASAP. Maple Acura is an excellent online source for Acura car, truck and SUV parts and accessories. We also have one of the top Acura car repair centers with professionally certified mechanics who get your job done quickly and correctly. Make a service appointment online at our Acura dealership today!

Genuine Acura Parts at Maple Acura in Vaughan, ON

Genuine Acura Parts are made for your Acura. They maintain the quality, reliability & performance of your vehicle. These attributes have come to define Acura vehicles, & are also reflected in the parts from which they are built.

Keep Your Vehicle in Top Shape with our Acura Parts Centre at Maple Acura

As the preeminent provider of all things Acura in the Maple, Ontario area, we at Maple Acura know the importance of servicing your vehicle with Genuine Acura Parts better than most. Genuine Acura Parts are carefully constructed for optimal reliability, durability and compatibility with your vehicle to keep it running at its best, and our dealership is proud to offer them at our Acura Parts Centre. Contact us today for further details on the Genuine Acura Parts listed below and more.

A Few Genuine Acura Parts Available at our Dealership's Acura Parts Centre:


Whether you prioritize traction or acceleration, the right kind of tire is paramount to an optimal Acura driving experience. Not only does our Acura Parts Centre boast versatile off-season tires, we also have a wide selection of winter tires tailor-made to get you through those tough Ontario winters with ease. Feel free to contact our dealership for a recommendation on the best tires for your Acura.

Oil Filters

Genuine Acura oil filters are designed to keep your engine in peak condition, as they prevent any particles and contaminants from making their way into your Acura's hardware and wearing it our prematurely. The cleaner your oil flow, the healthier your engine. We recommend getting your filter replaced during your regularly scheduled oil change.


Genuine Acura Brakes are made with patented friction material that comes into contact with your brake discs to slow your Acura down or bring it to a stop every time you hit the brake pedal. Every touch of the pedal chips away at your brake pads' lining, which is why we suggest getting them serviced in accordance with your Acura Owner's Manual.


Your Acura's battery is one of its most integral components, providing power to start the engine and keep a variety of systems running. Since time and use will gradually wear on your battery's efficiency, it's important to get its charge tested with regularity to ensure that it's performing as it should.


Drive and timing belts keep your alternator, power steering pump and engine valves - among other components - operating properly. A worn-out timing belt can cause your engine to overheat, while a damaged drive belt can cost you your power steering and put your air conditioning out of commission. Stick to your maintenance schedule to make sure your belts are in working order.

The Three Tenets of Genuine Acura Parts

Acura's best and brightest design Genuine Acura Parts for peak quality, reliability, and performance in your vehicle. Each part is designed and tested to be compatible and working harmoniously with the rest of your Acura's components, thereby ensuring optimal performance and safety at the wheel. Contact our Acura Parts Centre to find out more or order your parts online today.