Get The Best Trade-In Value in Maple, Ontario

Maple Acura offers Maple, Ontario and the surrounding areas of Mississauga, Vaughan and North York with a vast selection of Acura vehicles. Our dealership frequently updates our new and used Acura vehicles with quality sedans and SUVs. We provide unmatched customer service, vehicle maintenance and on-site parts and service centres. Maple Acura also provides you with the best trade-in values for your incumbent vehicle. If you have never traded in a vehicle before, let us help you understand the process. We want you to receive the best price possible for your trade-in vehicle, so we will tell you how to prepare your vehicle, research an estimated price, and best present your trade-in.

Get an instant trade-in value on your current vehicle before you even set foot at our Acura dealership in Vaughan, ON. Use this Trade-In Appraisal form in your Finance Application.

My Car's Trade-in Value

Your car's trade-in value refers to the amount you receive by selling your vehicle to the dealership. This trade-in estimator only represents the car's sales price to the dealership. Still, it may allow you to negotiate improved interest rates on your next car's financing or added services from the dealer, such as an extended warranty. You can also negotiate to receive some of the money as cash back at the time of trade-in and new purchase. The trade-in value will enable you to choose the amount deducted from the new vehicle's principle price while taking a portion out as cash.

How Much is My Car Worth?

The value of each car or truck varies depending on trim, additional options and current condition. You can look up your vehicle's ballpark figure in a book such as Canadian Black Book (CBB). It lists vehicles by make, model and year, then provides a value for each based on its condition. The CBB also provides a website that's easy to use for valuing your vehicle. You also need to provide your vehicle's mileage to get a better estimate of the value. These tools usually provide a rough estimate based on general attributes, but it would be best to visit our dealership for a more accurate evaluation and a formal offer. Our team of experts is trained to evaluate your vehicle's aspects, providing you with the proper valuation.

How Much is My Car Worth?

When to Make The Trade

There is an ideal season for trading in your car. To get the best trade-in price for your vehicle, sell your car back in late winter and purchase your replacement. Dealerships receive their new stock in spring and summer. To get ready for these new vehicles, they sell cars at a significant discount to move cars off their lot to make room for the new cars. You benefit since you get more for your trade-in plus a great price on your new vehicle. You can maximize your trade-in value by having the vehicle detailed first. You will get the best price for a vehicle that has been spotlessly maintained and is free of any damage. Your vehicle depreciates yearly, which reflects poorly on the price as it ages. The newer it is when you trade it in, the better the exchange value. It also needs to be low mileage and exhibit little wear and tear. You will maximize your trade-in value if you trade it in before the odometer reaches 100,000 kilometres. Customer demand for used cars, the make and model you chose, and the dealership's inventory and sales goals make a difference in the price you get. Because of this, visit Maple Acura if you feel that you received a low offer for your vehicle. Each dealership offers a different price because of its inventory and sales goals.

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Maple Acura gives Ontario the service its residents need to enjoy owning a new or used vehicle. We gratefully serve the areas of Maple, Mississauga, Vaughan and North York. Visit our website to use our handy trade-in tools to help you maximize your trade-in value. You can also shop for your new vehicle on our website. Meet with us about financing, dealer incentives, and how your trade-in can affect your purchase price. You can quickly determine your trade-in value in Mississauga by contacting us today.