Maple Acura Tire Centre

Tires and wheels are the most neglected component of a vehicle, which is astonishing, considering they play an essential role in your safety and the safety of others around you. Your tires are the only contact between your Acura and the pavement to provide traction for acceleration, steering, and braking. Maple Acura has made your safety its top priority and will ensure, upon purchase of a new or certified pre-owned Acura, your vehicle is equipped with optimal performance tires.

Maple Acura Tire Centre in Vaughan, On

If you are already a proud Acura owner, schedule a service appointment and ask our factory-trained service technicians to inspect the condition of your tires and wheels. They will check the wear on each tire, measure tire pressure, and check the steering and suspension components for damage due to improper wheel balance. If any component falls under the Acura standard for safety and optimal performance, we will let you know and advise you of next steps and recommendations.

In Canada, winter tires are especially important to maneuver your Acura safely in snowy, icy, or freezing weather conditions. Studies show that in cold weather, vehicles equipped with winter tires reduces the risk of collision by approximately 40% versus a vehicle equipped with all-season tires. Maple Acura Tire Centre in Maple, ON has a vast inventory of tires and wheels for your Acura. When you need new tires, you can order a set or individual tires or wheels online or in person.

Maple Acura understands the inconvenience of lugging around and storing bulky tires. Let us take that hassle off your plate. Bring your Acura to our Service department to have the right season tires installed on your vehicle and we will store your old tires for you. When it is time to switch over again, we will have your tires on-site so all you have to do is show up! It's that easy!

Service Center Hours at Maple Acura

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