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Acura Brake Repair and Services in Maple, ON

On your daily commute, you can encounter numerous challenges or obstacles while driving which is why it is important to ensure that you commit to routine brake inspection. The brake system of your vehicle is one of the most important safety mechanisms on your vehicle. Being able to slow down or come to a complete stop at a moment's notice will help you avoid an accident. Improperly functioning brakes will not do the job. If you need Acura brake repair in Maple, join us Maple Acura. Schedule a service appointment and our technicians can properly diagnose any issues with your brake pads, rotors, calipers, and check your brake fluid level.

Here is a list of signs to look out for that can suggest brake inspection or repair is needed immediately:

  • If you hear squeaking, clicking, or grinding noises when applying brakes.
  • The brake pedal almost goes close to the floor before the brakes engage.
  • The brake pedal vibrates when engaged.
  • You need to apply increased pressure to the pedal for brakes to engage.
  • Small taps on the pedal cause your brakes to grab.
  • The brake light illuminates on the dashboard.
  • If your vehicle pulls to one side while braking indicating a malfunctioning caliper.


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