At one point or another of your driver's journey, you will have to get your car check for maintenance. Whether it's for an oil change or for a major repair, you will have to decide where you will send your car. Will you leave it at a local garage or at a dealership? Our Acura dealership in Vaughan knows how your time is precious and how you value work well done. Therefore, you want to get your vehicle checked in a timely manner.  Therefore, you should consider us for all your service appointments.

Our Acura Service Centre and Auto Repair will help you with its expertise. Who else is better qualified to assist you than someone who lives and breathes for Acura? at Maple Acura service, our knowledge is our strength.

Our Acura dealership can provide you with a complete history of your vehicle. Our staff will keep a record of all the maintenance and repairs. All the information is stored in our database to facilitate and simplify the process for your next visit. In addition, scheduling your next service appointment is convenient and easy. Our staff is available six days a week, their specialty and convivial customer approach set us apart from the competition.

Our Maple Acura staff values the relationship they have with each of their customers. Our team has more than 25 years of experience fixing and repairing all Acura models. We hope that you will leave our Acura Dealership in Maple completely satisfied after each of your visits. If you are not familiar with our amazing team, get to know our staff by checking our website today!