Every year we let it sneak up on us - the slight chill creeps into the morning breeze and before you know it there's snow, slush, ice everywhere. Although Mother Nature can create a picturesque winter wonderland, this definitely does not apply to navigating the icy roads.

Enter winter tires! Once the cool temperatures start to drop our summer and all-season tires just won't cut it and can no longer get us from point A to point B safely. Winter tires, however, are made with a softer compound and they contain more rubber than summer tires.

Unlike a hard hockey puck that slides over the ice, your flexible winter tires bend and grip snow and ice like a winter boot. Winter tires have thousands of these tiny crevices cut into the rubber of your winter tire so you have the traction you need on the ice and snow. Meanwhile, on a summer tire, snow clogs the tread crevices and creates a slippery, unsafe surface for winter roads.

So, plan a safe drive this winter season and be sure to swap your summer tires for some winter tires and save yourself from slipping into ditches or worse! Tires are cheaper than any potential accident.

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