Detailing your Acura is a “must”

Acura owners take pride in their possessions. It’s not a surprise that many of them take several precautions to keep their cars as intact as possible. Detailing your vehicle has become more than just a trend. Car owners want to ensure their vehicles are equipped to face the tough Canadian weather conditions. Our Acura dealership in Vaughan can help you preserve your car by offering high quality detailing. Here are the two main benefits of opting for a top-level treatment for your vehicle with us.

One of the best tools to ensure the longevity of your vehicle is the Acura Maintenance Minder. This advanced integrated system keeps track of your model’s key information and provides you alerts when you need to do the maintenance on your vehicle. This system adjusts its alerts in accordance with very specific factors such as your driving habits, weather conditions in your region, and the engine. It will provide you with consistent timing for simple things such as oil changes. It also provides you with specific codes indicating the nature of the issues on your vehicle. You don’t have to wonder what’s the problem with your ride.

Another benefit we can offer you is our Acura Detailing packages. Our Vaughan dealership has 4 different packages available, our bronze package includes a thorough cleaning of the interior and the exterior of your vehicle. Our platinum package provides you with best-in-class service for your vehicle maintenance. If you are curious to learn more about our detailing packages, please consult our website for additional information.

Give your Acura the best treatment!

There are many other benefits of providing your vehicle with a complete professional detailing with experts like us. Our hardworking and talented staff will help your Acura maintain its attractiveness. They will also ensure that every part of your vehicle is inspected. In the long run, this will provide you with a higher resale value than similar cars on the market should you sell. If this is something you would like to do, then schedule a service appointment by clicking on the link in the text.

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