LDW alerts the driver if the vehicle begins to drift out of a detected lane without the use of a turn signal.

What is Lane Departure Warning (LDW)?

A camera mounted at the top centre of the windshield detects lane markings to monitor the vehicle's position on the road at speeds between 72-146km/h.

If the vehicle drifts from the intended lane without the use of a turn signal, a visual warning appears in the MID, accompanied by an audible chime. These notifications are designed to prompt the driver to take corrective action and steer the vehicle back into the intended lane.

Lane Departure Warning | Maple Acura

The system can be used when the following conditions are met:

  • The vehicle is traveling between 72 and 145 km/h
  • The vehicle is on straight or slightly curved road
  • The turn signals are off
  • The brake pedal is not depressed
  • The wipers are not in continuous operation

Customer Benefits

LDW is especially helpful during long-distance highway driving when driver fatigue is more likely to occur. LDW helps keep the driver aware of the road ahead and prompts the driver to stay in his/her lane if the vehicle begins to drift.

Turning LDW ON/OFF

Lane Departure Warning

Press the LDW/RDM button to turn the system on or off. The button's green indicator light illuminates when the system us active.

Operating Conditions and Limitations

  • LDW does NOT work is you take your hands off the steering wheel or fail to steer the vehicle
  • LDW may not work properly under a variety of conditions. See the vehicle's owner's manual for a complete list of operating conditions