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What is Forward Collision Warning (FCW)?

Forward Collision Warning alerts the driver when a potential front-end collision is detected.

How does Forward Collision Warning work?

FCW uses a front-mounted camera and a millimeter wave radar to monitor traffic conditions ahead. If the vehicle in front suddenly stops, or a pedestrian is detected, FCW issues both an audible and visual warning to prompt the driver to apply the brakes. The word BRAKE will flash in the Multi-Information Display (MID) while a continuous chime audibly alerts the driver. To avoid unnecessary warnings, the system does not engage under 15 KM/H.

Changing FCW Settings

The driver is able to choose the warning timing based on distance or turn the system off entirely.

  1. Press the SETTINGS button
  2. Select VEHICLE Settings
  4. Select LONG, NORMAL or SHORT
  5. Press the BACK button
Changing FCW Settings | Acurawatch

Customer Benefits 

FCW continuously monitors the roadway ahead. By immediately recognizing quickly diminishing the following distances and issuing two different warnings, it can help even the most attentive driver avoid a front-end collision.

Operating Conditions and Limitations 

  • FCW may not detect all objects ahead
  • FCW may not activate or detect a vehicle under certain conditions. See the vehicle's owner's manual for a complete list of conditions
  • Accuracy of the system will vary based on weather, speed, and other factors
  • It is always the driver's responsibility to safely operate the vehicle and avoid collisions
  • Never apply a firm or attach any objects to the windshield that could obstruct the FCW camera's field of vision.
  • Scratches, nicks and other damage to the windshield within the FCW camera's field of vision can cause the system to operate abnormally.