Cross Traffic Monitor - AcuraWatch

What is Cross Traffic Monitor (CTM)?

This system monitors the rear corners of the vehicle while reversing and alerts the driver of approaching cross traffic to help prevent an accident.

How Does Cross Traffic Monitor (CTM) Work?

The Cross Traffic Monitor uses the same rear bumper radar sensors as the Blind Spot Information (BSI) System to detect vehicles.

Cross Traffic Monitor - AcuraWatch

  1. The system is actively monitoring while the vehicle is in reverse (and enabled through the vehicle settings).
  2. If another vehicle is about to cross behind (perpendicular traffic), the system will issue an audible alert and visual alert on the rear-view camera screen.

Adjusting Cross Traffic Monitor Settings

To adjust Cross Traffic Monitor settings, follow these steps:

  1. Press the SETTINGS button
  4. Toggle the Cross Traffic Monitor ONor OFF

Cross Traffic Monitor - AcuraWatch

Customer Benefits

The Cross Traffic Monitor is incredibly convenient when backing out of parking spaces with an obstructed view, such as at a shopping centre. The system will alert the driver if another vehicle is approaching down the aisle while they are reversing.

Operating Conditions and Limitations

  • Do not rely solely on the system. Use the mirrors and look behind while reversing
  • The system us designed to detect vehicles approaching from the rear corners, not directly behind
  • The system is active only at speeds on 5 km/h or lower
  • The system may not detect pedestrians, bicycles or stationary objects

The system may not function if:

  • The rear bumper sensors are dirty or obstructed
  • There is heavy rain, snow or fog
  • The vehicle is on an incline
  • The system may not detect the approaching vehicle if it is travelling at more than 25 km/h
  • The system may not detect the approaching vehicle if it is travelling at kess than 10 km/h

Available on 2016 Models