Car Detailing in Maple, ON

Canadian winter driving conditions can leave your car looking dusty and dirty from the outside in. When getting behind the wheel of an Acura that has been freshly detailed can rejuvenate your day and give you a more enjoyable drive. At Maple Acura, not only do we offer the pre-owned vehicles for sale in Maple we also provide many services in our Service Department. One of these services is professional car detailing. You can now keep your Acura looking as new as the first day you drove it off the lot by choosing from our Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum car detailing packages.

What are the benefits of having your car detailed?

Besides the obvious advantage of keeping your car looking in brand new condition the other advantages of detailing your car include; preserving the paint condition which can be affected by dirt, dust, and debris, restoring interior comfort, and protecting the value of your vehicle.

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